Lab Kits


Our customizable kits contain all of the materials your students need to safely conduct sophisticated labs from the comfort and convenience of their home.

The lab kit is the beating heart of every HOL lesson. Our founders launched HOL 25 years ago by creating material kits that would make lab science accessible to distance learners. We’ve expanded exponentially since then, of course, adding a cloud-based learning platform, digital content, and hundreds of new lessons — but our lab kits continue to accomplish that core mission. Far from basic kitchen-science procedures, these advanced kits contain materials, chemicals, and equipment that reflect the sophistication of a traditional campus lab facility. They allow your students to unlock the joy of scientific discovery, no matter where in the world they might be.


Lab-Grade Materials

Replicate the face-to-face laboratory experience with our sophisticated equipment and materials.

This is not kitchen science. Each Hands-On Labs lab kit comes equipped with everything your student needs to conduct rigorous scientific procedures from the comfort of their own home, from lab-grade equipment and microscale quantities of chemicals to proper protective equipment and detailed lab instructions. No longer standing idly by as their instructor coordinates the experiment from the front of the classroom, your students will be engaging deeply with the labs, forming connections between the activity and their course material and independently discovering the joy of scientific exploration. Our state-of-the-art lab kits will forever change your perception of what’s possible outside of the campus lab facility.


Safety First

Keep your students safe with our carefully chosen materials and meticulous lab safety measures.

When assembling HOL lab kits, safety is our number-one priority. We choose materials that students can securely handle from their own homes, and our lab kits include all the personal protective equipment they need to conduct their experiments safely. We limit toxicity in our biological experiments by utilizing formalin-free materials and non-virulent microbes. Safety data sheets (SDS) are available upon request for every chemical used in our lab kits, and students are provided with instructions on how to safely and responsibly dispose of each of the included materials. In fact, every student must complete a lab-safety module before unlocking the main course content.

HOL’s experiments follow the standards of Green Chemistry, designed to reduce waste, avoid the creation of hazardous substances, and limit demand on diminishing resources. They also adhere to the principles of microscale chemistry. Widely used across college campuses today, microscale methods emphasize safety and minimal environmental impact without compromising the integrity of the procedure. When designing experiments, we only provide our students with small, diluted quantities of the chemicals they’ll need, all of which are pre-packaged in order to minimize handling.



Build your dream course with our endlessly customizable lab kits.

Take a look through our course catalog, and you’ll see that you have hundreds of pre-designed lessons and labs to choose from. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t see what you need. As with our curriculum, there’s no limit to what you can create for your students with our materials. By partnering with HOL, you’re joining the Science Interactive team and gaining access not only to our products, but to the resources of our successful sister brands as well. Using the variety of scientific equipment at our disposal, we can work with you to design online custom labs for any experiments you want your students to conduct.

experimentation procedures

Anytime, Anywhere

Conduct rigorous scientific labs on your schedule.

HOL isn’t simply following the latest advancements in educational technology; we’re paving the way for the future of distance learning. For decades, laboratory science classes were not a convenient option for students who took classes online, but HOL’s lab kits have been the key to bridging that learning gap. By allowing students to conduct sophisticated scientific procedures without the need to ever travel to their campus lab facility, we’re opening up STEM education to countless learners around the globe. They’re bringing the excitement of discovery into their own homes, sharing their passion with those around them, and igniting the next wave of scientific thinkers.


Hands-On Labs announced as a winner of the 2020 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Introducing Our New Digital Labs

With our sister-brand, eScience Labs, we're cultivating partnerships with innovative lab solutions to offer a more robust library of virtual course offerings and unique online science tools.

  • Virtual Microscope
  • Digital Biology
  • Digital Physics
  • A&P Virtual Dissections
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The New Global Education Environment

How HOL is pushing the evolution of online science labs

As Marc LaBella and Dr. Jim Brown have discovered with their work at Ocean County College, online learning for lab science is more than just possible; it’s beneficial — to students and instructors alike. Through the independence of athome lab kits and the interactivity of LMS discussion forums, science students are becoming more engaged. No longer content to simply sit quietly and soak up lecture notes, students are taking an active role in their education, building a strong and complex learning network between themselves, their peers, and their professors.

"This is how we stay competitive. This is the new global education environment and we need to go toward that. If there are colleges that haven’t done that, they are so far behind."image

Marc LaBella

Ocean County College



It's Still Your Course

Our sophisticated courses are written by Ph.D. scientists and educators who understand that no two professors, nor their courses, are the same. With features designed to help you customize our material and author your own, we ensure that even when you’re using Hands-On Labs, your course is still yours.



Turnkey Solution

What sets our state-of-the-art courses apart? We build out from three core pillars of learning: an extensive library of more than 700 peer-reviewed lessons, an intuitive cloud-based platform, and our high-grade material lab kits. Combine those with our unmatched customer service, and you can see what makes us the world’s trusted, turnkey solution for taking campus courses into the digital world.



Reach More Students

In today’s increasingly connected world, schools that aren’t utilizing their digital space are falling behind. By replicating the laboratory experience for distance lab learners, we’re empowering instructors and institutions to stay competitive within the new global education environment. With Hands-On-Labs, you’ll have the power to teach more, reach more, and achieve more.



Safety & Rigor

Since HOL’s founding in 1994, students have used our products to safely perform traditional science lab work in a distance-learning setting. These experiments utilize materials and methods that minimize risk while still offering the rigor and sophistication of an on-site lab facility.


What Our Clients Say...

I have looked at other companies, just to see if HOL is still the best, and I believe that they are. They provide a college level experience that is expected for a student taking a chemistry lab course. I have been using HOL kits since 2014 and since that time they have gone from providing their experiments on a CD to now having their own Learning Management System that has very few issues. image

Michael felty

Trinity Valley Community College

I have been working with the folks at Hands on Labs since 2007, and I know that the success of our online laboratory-based Science courses is due to our partnership with HOL. I serve on their Board of Advisers, and I help to support and extend their success to other institutions of higher learning. HOL is the best!image

Marc LaBella

Ocean Couty College

For over six years, HOL has collaborated with our subject matter experts to provide lab kits for online science courses at the University of New England. These kits have allowed students a hands-on lab experience regardless of their location around the globe. During our collaboration, HOL has been easy to work with, amenable to new ideas, and responsive to feedback. image

Barbara Fortier

University of New England
Program Director

At first, I was hesitant to offer my lab as an online course. Eventually, I became aware of HOL and was convinced to try them out. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and rigor of the experiments. They not only covered the topics that I normally cover, but in some cases go in much more depth than I expected. image

Michael felty

Trinity Valley Community College

I have enjoyed using HOL for my Micro lab. The online modules make my teaching and grading seamless and it looks great from the student view. The personnel are very responsive to me or students when we needed help with an issue.image

Cheraton Love

Winston-Salem State University
Dean, Experiential Education

HOL’s customer service and support has been invaluable to our students. Overall, their representatives have made it easy to work with their company, and HOL has provided quality products that enrich our courses and contribute considerably to our student experience and success.image


University of New England
Program Director

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