Bringing your science lab online has never been easier

Teach More. Reach More. Achieve More.

Since its founding in 1994, Hands-On Labs has been the pioneer in online science labs, creating products and fostering experiences that have opened up infinite education opportunities for learners around the world. But we’re helping more than just students. By replicating the laboratory experience for distance learners, we’re empowering instructors and institutions to stay competitive within the new global education environment. With Hands-On-Labs, you’ll have the power to teach more, reach more, and achieve more.

  • 01. Teach More
  • 02. Reach More
  • 03. Achieve More

01. Teach More

Hands-On Labs offers more than 700 experiments across nine science disciplines, and we even give you the ability to add your own lessons or customize your lab kits. This means anything you teach in a face-to-face classroom can be offered online through our digital platform. Freed from the constraints of a traditional classroom, you will have the agency to teach more courses if you’d like — many of our instructors teach at a variety of institutions nationwide.

At HOL, we enable you to launch your online course more quickly than ever before. We’ll take care of everything — content creation, platform management, materials sourcing, shipping logistics, and even student support — so you can focus on teaching. We’re tearing down the red tape that separates online instructors from their students, allowing educators across the country to maximize their reach.


02. Reach More

It all started with a snowstorm. Our company’s founders, Peter and Linda Jeschofnig, first had the idea for at-home lab kits when a blizzard hit their hometown of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, closing roads for a week and keeping their off-campus students from getting to class. The Jeschofnigs realized that the commute to campus could be a major roadblock for students in pursuit of a STEM education — and not just those affected by snowstorms at Colorado Mountain College.

Non-traditional students (e.g. part-time students, single parents, students with a full-time job, students who are financially independent, etc.) often require more flexibility in their schedules than traditional, on-campus students. Unfortunately, the benefits of online learning are severely limited when schools don’t also offer online laboratory courses. Students still need to live near the school and work that one on-campus lab into their schedules.

Our goal for the past two decades has been to break down these and other barriers to quality science education. HOL continues to help colleges and universities bring science courses to traditional and non-traditional students alike. And because our online lab courses remove the geographic restraint on education, HOL is reaching science students all around the globe: our courses are currently being used by more than 1700 colleges and universities in more than 100 countries.


03. Achieve More

—“Lab Science Without the Lab”

Our founders launched Hand-On Labs 25 years ago with the mission of making lab science accessible to distance learners, and although we’ve expanded exponentially since then, our lab kits continue to achieve that goal. These customizable kits contain all of the materials your students need to safely conduct high-level experiments from the comfort and convenience of home. Far from basic kitchen-science procedures, our kits include materials, chemicals, and equipment that reflect the sophistication of a traditional campus lab facility.

"[The HOL kit] was not a 'Mickey Mouse Cookbook' science kit"
-Dr. Jim Brown, Ocean County Community College

As with our curriculum, there’s no limit to what you can create for your students with our materials. By partnering with HOL, you’re joining the Science Interactive team and gaining access not only to our products, but to the resources of our successful sister brands as well. Using the variety of scientific equipment at our disposal, we can work with you to design a customized lab kit for any experiment you want your students to conduct.

Want to build your online course syllabus?



HOL Cloud

The HOL Cloud is an advanced learning platform especially designed to provide a tactile lab experience for distance learners. With comprehensive gradebook analytics and powerful features such as custom lesson authoring, the HOL Cloud will give you full control over your online classroom and help redefine the laboratory learning landscape for your students.



Online Lab Curriculum

Our mission at Hands-On Labs is to help educate the scientists of tomorrow, regardless of where they are today. Customize your course by choosing from our extensive experiment library of more than 700 peer-reviewed lessons across nine science disciplines.



Lab Kits

The lab kit is the beating heart of every HOL lesson. Far from basic kitchen-science procedures, these advanced kits contain materials, chemicals, and equipment that reflect the sophistication of a traditional campus lab facility. They allow your students to unlock the joy of scientific discovery, no matter where in the world they might be.