Strengthen Your Online Lab Solution through Our Partnerships

Our Partners

At Hands-On Labs, we strive to surround ourselves with the brightest, most innovative scientific minds. That's why we've teamed with companies that are dedicated to enhancing the world of education through sophisticated technology and original solutions. Through partnerships with companies such as BioDigital and eScience Labs, we're able to offer a wider variety of creative online learning tools and continue to close the distance-learning gap. Check out our partners below to learn more about how they're helping to expand access to STEM resources and education.


01. Biodigital

BioDigital offers the world's first 3D human visualization platform. Likened to Google Earth for the human body, the BioDigital Human Platform is an interactive software featuring more than 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures. Each system is fully segmented, labeled, and dissectible for easy configuration to meet any educational need. The platform also uses  innovative, cloud-based technology to enable users to view human anatomy and disease in an intuitive visual format. Featuring the most complete, scientifically accurate 3D body ever assembled, BioDigital is utilized by top medical schools and students all over the world.  

The combination of HOL's rigorous online curriculum and BioDigital's powerful visualization technology now gives you the option to integrate ground-breaking virtual dissection labs into your online course. 

02. eScience Labs

Through a combination of hands-on science lab kits, virtual learning tools, and customized digital curricula, eScience Labs helps higher education institutions expand and strengthen science comprehension.

eScience Labs collaborates with hundreds of higher education institutions to provide a traditional hands-on laboratory experience to students engaged in online and blended learning. With customizable lab kits featuring real-world experiments, rigorous distance-learning courses developed by Ph.D. scientists, and a variety of digital education tools, eScience Labs is empowering educators and engaging students.

03. Odigia

Odigia is a platform offering pre-made, course-complete courseware that draws from open educational resources. Odigia content is broken up into “concepts” and “sets,” and students decide how and when to move through the concepts. Odigia emphasizes a pedagogical approach focused on communication and critical thinking skills, employing a discussion board with social media-like features and a “connections” tool for students to identify threads between different content areas.

Odigia also includes analytic dashboards showing student performance and effectiveness of specific content modules, and instructors can develop their own courseware using authoring capabilities in the platform.

04. Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

The Online Learning Consortium is a collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences to reach and engage the modern learner – anyone, anywhere, anytime. It strives to foster community and build knowledge around quality online, blended, and digital learning while driving innovation.

OLC inspires learners and educators through an extensive set of resources, including best-practice publications, quality benchmarking, leading-edge instruction, community-driven conferences, practitioner-based and empirical research, and expert guidance. The growing OLC community includes faculty members, administrators, trainers, instructional designers, and other learning professionals, as well as educational institutions, professional societies, and corporate enterprises.

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HOL Cloud

The HOL Cloud is an advanced learning platform especially designed to provide a tactile lab experience for distance learners. With comprehensive gradebook analytics and powerful features such as custom lesson authoring, the HOL Cloud will give you full control over your online classroom and help redefine the laboratory learning landscape for your students.



Online Lab Curriculum

Our mission at Hands-On Labs is to help educate the scientists of tomorrow, regardless of where they are today. Customize your course by choosing from our extensive experiment library of more than 700 peer-reviewed lessons across nine science disciplines.



Lab Kits

The lab kit is the beating heart of every HOL lesson. Far from basic kitchen-science procedures, these advanced kits contain materials, chemicals, and equipment that reflect the sophistication of a traditional campus lab facility. They allow your students to unlock the joy of scientific discovery, no matter where in the world they might be.