Teaching science online continues to gain global momentum as an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional classroom.  With learning technology advancements, online science educators have been afforded the tools to elevate digital learning.

Nevertheless, developing and running an online science class comes with its own set of challenges. Students have come to expect a robust and interactive online experience.  This demand has left educators with the daunting task of developing instructional materials aimed at engaging students, measuring progress, and meeting goals.  For some, the amount of work required to manage an online course matches or even exceeds the time required in a traditional classroom.   Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t be, Hands-On Labs (HOL) has it covered!

Introducing the “Ultimate Kick Start Guide for Planning Your Online Science Course“.  Our guide provides a sound framework with best practices and principles needed to design a successful online science course.

The kick start guide provides a road map for preparing an online science course, using purposeful content to engage students in deeper learning, and ultimately, student success. Download your FREE guide today!


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