Physics Lab Kit

Investigate the nature of matter and energy with our physics science lab kits. Students will perform exciting investigations about electricity, radioactive decay, simple machines, and light. Basic physics concepts, such as acceleration, gravity, and Hooke’s Law are covered. Hands-on equipment, such as capacitors, resistors, pendulums, and lasers, are high quality. Customize your physics course with a lab on mapping magnetic fields or creating an electric motor.


  • Acceleration
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Capacitance in a Circuit
  • Centripetal Acceleration
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Data Collection
  • Determining Speed of Sound
  • Diffraction Grating
  • Electric Fields
  • Electric Motor
  • Experimental Errors and Uncertainty
  • Hooke’s Law
  • Introduction to Electrical Circuits
  • Mapping a Magnetic Field
  • Measurement Length, Mass, Volume, Density, and Time
  • Optical Bench with Mirrors and Lenses
  • Pendulum and the Calculation of g
  • Polarized Light
  • Radioactive Decay
  • Reflection and Refraction
  • Resistors in Series and Parallel
  • Semiconductor Temperature Sensor
  • Simple Machine-Lever
  • Simple Machine-Pulleys
  • Specific Heat Capacity of Metals
  • Static Electricity or Electrostatics
  • Trigonometric Measurements