Microbiology Lab Kit

Discover the big world of tiny microorganisms with our microbiology science lab kits. Students will gain standard core competencies including methods for aseptic technique, collecting and incubating cultures, and describing and identifying microbes. A vast array of media types, including TSA, blood agar, and mannitol salt agar, are available to suit your course requirements. Our hands-on lab experiment procedures include aseptic transfer, plate pouring, dilutions, plate counts, staining techniques, and Kirby-Bauer diffusion tests. Our microbiology experiments focus on safe practices and time management. Our microbiology lab kits can be customized to suit a variety of courses, from courses with extensive microscopy to those that require no microscope.

  • Antibiotic Sensitivity – Kirby Bauer Diffusion Test
  • Antiseptics and Disinfectants
  • Aseptic Technique and Culturing Microbes
  • Bacterial Enumeration – Dilutions and Plate Counts
  • Bacterial Identification through Function Media – Motility Testing
  • Bacterial Morphology and Staining Techniques
  • Biochemical Testing for Microbial Identification – Carbohydrate Fermentation Testing
  • Biochemical Testing for Microbial Identification – Methyl Red, Vogues-Praskauer, and Catalase Testing
  • Environmental Influences on Microbial Growth – Salt Tolerance Testing
  • Fomite Transmission
  • Food Safety
  • Hand Washing and Normal Flora
  • Microbiology – Rules for Success
  • Microscopy for Microbiology – Use and Function
  • Ubiquity of Microorganisms