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Bringing your science lab online has never been easier

Customizable Online Science Courses

We get it — you’ve taught in a classroom setting for years, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into your curriculum, working painstakingly to design courses and develop pedagogies that engage your students on your terms. The last thing you want to do is give that all up and trade it in for a generic course curriculum developed by instructors who don’t know your school or your students. Our sophisticated courses are written by Ph.D. scientists and educators who understand that no two professors and no two classes are the same. With features designed to help you customize our material and author your own, we ensure that even when you’re using HOL, your course is still your course.

  • 01. We Provide, You Decide
  • 02. Localize the Universal
  • 03. Author Your Own Lesson

01. We Provide, You Decide

When you teach in a traditional classroom, you’re given a certain set of materials — a textbook, a laboratory, a whiteboard, etc. — and then you decide how to best use those resources to help your students achieve course objectives.

What we do at HOL really isn’t all that different. We provide you with the tools to teach your lab online: a selection of over 700 experiments from nine science disciplines, each supported by outcome-driven content and rigorous evaluations; a custom cloud-based learning platform that makes grading and tracking student progress a breeze; and on top of it all, physical kits in the hands of each student, full of laboratory-grade equipment and materials to truly deliver the laboratory experience at home. We even offer a growing selection of simulations and virtual labs that you can mix and match with our physical lessons.

From there, you get to decide how you want to use the resources in your teaching toolkit. If you want to follow the lessons exactly as we’ve designed them, you absolutely can. Or, if you’d prefer to tailor the curriculum to meet your own teaching needs, we give you all the tools you need to customize your online science course.


02. Localize the Universal

One of the most effective ways to engage students is to connect the material to their everyday lives. With the embedding tool in HOL Cloud, you have the power to add text, photo, and video at any point throughout the lessons or procedures. Link a relevant local news story, add a helpful infographic, or upload a video of yourself singing the periodic table of elements song — whatever the situation, the embedding tool enables you to add yourself, your knowledge, and your style into your course.


03. Author Your Own Lesson

Okay, but what if you want to take even more ownership over your content? We’ve developed our custom lesson authoring feature for just this reason; using it, you can develop your own lessons that can be inserted anywhere into an existing course. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your own lesson or experiment into our platform, giving you full authorial control over your content and allowing you to design a wide variety of interactive exercises. We even offer free webinars in which our expert instructors will teach you the skills you need to create your dream lesson.

Want to build your online course syllabus?



HOL Cloud

The HOL Cloud is an advanced learning platform especially designed to provide a tactile lab experience for distance learners. With comprehensive gradebook analytics and powerful features such as custom lesson authoring, the HOL Cloud will give you full control over your online classroom and help redefine the laboratory learning landscape for your students.



Online Lab Curriculum

Our mission at Hands-On Labs is to help educate the scientists of tomorrow, regardless of where they are today. Customize your course by choosing from our extensive experiment library of more than 700 peer-reviewed lessons across nine science disciplines.



Lab Kits

The lab kit is the beating heart of every HOL lesson. Far from basic kitchen-science procedures, these advanced kits contain materials, chemicals, and equipment that reflect the sophistication of a traditional campus lab facility. They allow your students to unlock the joy of scientific discovery, no matter where in the world they might be.