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What is the HOLCloud?

The future of education is in accessible technology. In 2016, public schools in the United States were already spending over $3 billion per year in creating and providing digital content to students. Clay Christenson, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, believes that as much as half of American universities run the risk of closure or bankruptcy due to competition from distance and digital education alternatives. Paired with the rising costs in traditional college education in the United States, students are certainly already looking for alternatives.

This is why we developed our cloud platform. We can see that the future is in accessible technology, and we want to help universities get there. Hands-On Labs has always been devoted to distance education and developing a great curriculum for students and professors to reach their goals. Originally, we would deliver our labs through hard copy documents and PDFs. However, now we fully embrace a digital platform!

“Essentially, the HOLCloud is an online delivery mechanism for our curriculum,” says Dr. Duane Cagle, our on-site scientist and product solutions consultant, “we developed the cloud in the summer of 2016, and instructors couldn’t be happier with results.”

What Does HOLCloud Look Like?

The HOLCloud on the student side is incredibly straight forward. When students login, they will have a dashboard for their course, which will display the pre-requisites and lessons. All lessons are locked until the prerequisites are completed and the student has received their lab materials to enter in their kit code.HOLCloud Class List

In the lessons, students will go through different phases: exploration, experimentation, and evaluation. Our exploration section contains targeted background content meant to prepare students to perform the experiment in the next section. Our experimentation section guides the student through their lab exercise and in using their materials. This is the bulk of the student’s lesson. Below you will find an image of what this section generally looks like:

Example of HOLCloud Lesson

Lastly, there is the evaluation section, which tests the student knowledge over a given subject. This section comes with true or false questions, matching questions, and open response answers. The students will receive immediate feedback on all their answers except for the open response answers, which are graded by the instructor. Also, this is where the student uploads all their data from the lab.

On the instructor side, you have many different areas in which you can see all your students’ progress in their course. Below you will see an example of our most basic dashboard:

Example of HOLCloud Dashboard

What Can HOLCloud Do?

HOLCloud can do a lot that makes both the student’s and the instructor’s life much easier. Below we look at some of its key functions:

  1. It integrates with most Learning Management Systems.
  2. Instructors can easily customize their lessons with additional notes, images, and videos.
  3. New courses can be set up in almost an instant.
  4. An easy to use gradebook for instructors to keep track of their students’ progress in the course(s).

These are our most favorite aspects of our cloud platform because we think it is what makes it unique. However, if you are an instructor, we would love to show it to you directly! Set up a free demo with one of our sales associates today!

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