HOL Scholarship Program’s First Semester Was a Complete Success!

HOL Scholarship Program’s First Semester Was a Complete Success!


HOL-scholarship-program2At Hands-On Labs (HOL), we are committed to giving back to the community. We believe that science education should be available to everyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our goal is to make science education accessible to anyone that shares our passion for science! With this in mind, HOL has launched a scholarship program available to students enrolled in any course that uses one of our LabPaqs!

Through this program, scholarship winners were awarded LabPaqs, HOL Science kits.  Selected students demonstrated a passion for science, leadership, and community involvement.

We talked to one of our scholarship recipients to learn about her experience after the end of the semester. Makenly Cole, from Strawberry, Arkansas was awarded a kit thanks to her hunger to learn and her passion for science stemming from childhood. “I always have been science-minded. I wanted to know how things worked and enjoyed pulling things apart and putting them back together,” says Cole.
Cole serves as the president of her Collegiate FFA, and has been accepted as a College of Agriculture and Technology Ambassador for Arkansas State University.

She tells Hands-On Labs that she was very pleased with all the experiments, and appreciated that the kit and lab manual are arranged so well. “There was no guesswork- everything was labeled in individual bags and the experiments are very straightforward,” says Cole.

I really enjoyed all the experiments in my LabPaq. It was completely organized and there was no guesswork. Everything was labeled in individual bags and the experiments are really straightforward.
Another winner, Samuel Gueli, a police officer from Combined Locks, Wisconsin spoke to us about how he wasn’t sure what to expect and that the kit exceeded his expectations.  He also told us about how easy it was to apply, “… 15 minutes could save you 100%! What’s your excuse not too? Is it because “I never win”. Well, I’ve never won anything either (radio contest, fair games, etc..) but I’m glad I took the time because you never know until you try. Now I’m a winner, and you could be too. So be the underdog and apply!”

We are very proud to have given students the opportunity to learn science on their own terms. HOL is changing the way education is taught, conceived, and delivered around the world. Currently, we are taking new applications for Spring 2017. Do you have any students that would be a good fit for our scholarship program? Send them our way! Students can apply at: www.HOLscience.com/scholarship.