"I believe there are no questions that science can't answer about a physical universe."

- Stephen Hawking

Student FAQs

What is your refund return policy?

Click here for our Returns & Refunds Policy.

What if I haven't received my order?

Orders are shipped within three (3) business days from the date the order is placed. Subsequent shipping time varies based on geographic location.

Can I order over the phone?

We do not accept phone orders.  Click here to place an order.

What kit do I need to order?

Please contact your instructor for the correct ordering information.

What if I have a latex allergy?

We are continually working to ensure our kits are safe for all students, and all of our protective equipment (gloves, masks, etc.) are latex-free. However, some other materials do contain latex. As a precaution for your health and safety, please review the following information and consult your physician with any questions or concerns.

  • Items/specimens that may contain latex: balloons, rubber stopper, reflex hammer, eyedropper, cat, fetal pig
  • Items that are latex-free: gloves, apron, rubber bands, masks.

If you are allergic to latex, we recommend the following:

  • Consult your physician
  • Inform your instructor of your allergy
  • Wear all personal protection equipment when handling latex products
  • Consult your Specimen Care Guide if your kit includes a dissection specimen

Refer to the Safety tab in Student Resources for other safety information.

What are your international shipping terms?

Please refer to the Shipping tab in Student Resources for complete shipping information, including our international shipping terms.

Where is my lab manual/course content?

In order to access your lab manual/course content, you will need to login to HOL Cloud. In order to do so, you must have the course link (URL) from your instructor. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to enroll in your instructor’s course, where you can access your lab content.

Please refer to the Getting Started tab on the resource center page for more information. 

What browser do I need to use HOL Cloud?

To run HOL Cloud properly, you will need Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Older versions will not support the site, and you will be prompted to upgrade.

Where do I find the kit code?

Your kit code is located on the label on the bottom of the kit box. Please refer to the Getting Started tab on the resource center page for more information.

How should I reference the course content?

To reference our lab manuals APA style please use the following:

Reference page citation
Hands-On Labs. (2019). HOL Courseware and Resources. Denver, CO. Print, digital, and web

In-text citation:
(Hands-On Labs, 2019)

What if items are missing from my kit?

Small, fragile items (i.e. thermometers, stirring rods, etc.) are often packed inside of larger items. First, check inside the larger items, such as beakers or graduated cylinders. If you are still unable to find the item, contact our Client Service Representatives at (866)206-0773 or submit a ticket by using the student contact form here

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

We do not offer coupons or discounts.  Our kits are sold at wholesale price on our website.

Are HOL's lab kits safe?

Yes. Please refer to the Safety tab on the resource center page for complete safety information.

I purchased my kit on Amazon/Ebay. Can I purchase the items that are missing?

Unfortunately, we do not support or supplement already-used kits. Please purchase a kit directly from Hands-On Labs via the link provided by your instructor.

What is your User Agreement?

Click Here for our User Agreement.

Does HOL have a Privacy Policy?

Yes! Read our full privacy policy here

Can HOL's lab kits be shipped to a P.O. Box?

By law, UPS cannot ship lab kits to a P.O. box. However, lab kits can be shipped to P.O. boxes by using USPS – this type of carrier request must be made via customer service.

If UPS does not deliver to your physical street address, call our Client Service Representatives for assistance at (866) 206-0773.  Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time, excluding holidays.

What is the difference between an -01, -02, and -03 kit?

The last two digits of the lab kit item number designate the “version” of the kit.  The higher the number, the newer the version.  Always check with your instructor to confirm the correct kit version for your class.

How do I log-in to the HOL Cloud for the first time?

Click on the link provided by your instructor and create an account. For detailed information read the  “Getting Started“  page.

What if shipping options don't display?

If shipping options do not display, you may have entered an incorrect address, zip code, or P.O. Box. To correct, go back one page and carefully check/update your shipping address. If the problem still persists, please contact customer service at (866) 206-0773 for assistance.

Instructor FAQs

Do instructors receive an answer key?

Yes, instructors are provided access to all answer keys via the HOL Cloud platform.

Can I connect the platform with my LMS?

Absolutely. The HOL Cloud platform is compatible vie LTI with all learning management systems including Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, and Canvas. We also provide
integration support to help with the process.

How long does it take for my students to get their kits?

Please refer to our Shipping page for complete shipping information, including our international shipping terms.

How much does it all cost?

Pricing depends on your kit, and we have the option to customize kits based on lessons, yearly enrollment, and budget. Contact your representative for further details.

What happens if my students get hurt during a lab?

Hands-On Labs takes student safety very seriously. That’s why we’ve built in prerequisite safety lessons that all students must complete before the start of their course. In addition to these safety pre-reqs lessons, students will receive gloves, goggles, and other safety equipment to make sure they are properly attired and will receive numerous safety notifications throughout the lesson
when handling potentially hazardous chemicals and items.

Can students share kits?

In order to maintain course rigor and academic integrity, Hands-On Labs does not allow for students to share kits.

Can my students access the platform only on a computer?

The HOL Cloud platform is compatible with all mobile devices including cell phones,
tablets, and laptops. Academic freedom at its finest!

Can I see how students would complete work?

Yes! Contact your HOL rep to schedule a demo to experience the HOL Cloud interface or place a free-eval kit request to experience the hands-on experience.

What comes in a kit?

Each kit varies depending on your course. Work with your HOL representative to receive a content list and request a free eval kit to see specifically which materials would be included in your custom course.

What if I have a student with ADA needs enrolled in my course?

HOL takes ADA compliance very seriously. Please contact your dedicated sales rep to receive our ADA compliant.