Digital Lab Science Courses
& Virtual Tools

Digital Lab Science Courses & Virtual Lab Tools

With our sister brand, eScience Labs, we're cultivating innovative lab solution partnerships to offer a more robust library of virtual course offerings and unique online science tools.

Due to the strain COVID-19 has brought upon supply chains around the globe, lab solution providers are faced with the challenge of material-sourcing issues while demand for distance learning science courses is at an all-time high. The team at Hands-On Labs is finding new ways for institutions to bring their lab online despite this material shortage.  Our new fully digital lab science courses leverage the same great content through a digital lens, all without having to completely sacrifice the integrity of a tactile learning experience.

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Digital Anatomy & Physiology

Experience the Future of Modern Science Education with our New Virtual Dissection Course Offerings.

Through partnerships and collaboration, the teams at Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs are proud to offer a suite of virtual dissections for Anatomy and Physiology. Powered by the BioDigital Human Platform, these digital dissections provide more than 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures that, combined with HOL's rigorous content and ESL's interactive physiology labs, our digital A&P course offerings provide you with an unparalleled online laboratory experience.

While we will continue to offer physical dissection kits, our Digital A&P course offerings are powerful options for instructors looking to move online quickly and effectively.

Digital Biology

Observe Biological Phenomena, Generate Testable Hypotheses, Collect and Analyze Data with our Digital Biology Lab
These lessons will guide students as they investigate life, from conducting procedures that manipulate biological pathways to modeling genetic processes at the cellular level. Our digital biology course incorporates state-of-the-art simulations and rigorous content that match the sophistication of a formal lab facility for a fraction of the cost.

Digital Physics

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Investigate the Nature of Matter and Energy with our New Digital Physics Course Offering

With Hands-On Labs' Digital Physics labs and lessons, students will perform exciting examinations involving key concepts such as motion, simple machines, Newton’s laws, and torque and equilibrium. Designed to align with first-semester physics, this course combines rigorous curriculum and digital labs with the award-winning HOL Cloud learning platform.

Whether examining the conservation of momentum or studying projectile motion, your students will experience the joy of discovery as they learn about the forces that define our universe.

Virtual Microscope

A Completely Virtual Compound Light Microscope for Your Online Lab

The HOL V-Scope is an advanced digital microscope program that simulates the use of a compound light microscope and includes a library of over 80 fully interactive slides ranging from bacteria to fruit flies to skeletal muscle using advanced technology and images from real slides. The V-Scope replicates everything that a student would do on a physical microscope, including raising and lowering the platform, turning on the light, placing and focusing slides, and more.

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