MICROBIOLOGY Lab Kits and Online Lab Curriculum

Delve into the world of microorganisms with our rigorous selection of labs replicating the on-campus practices of first-year mircrobiology courses.

With our sophisticated microbiology lessons, students will gain standard core competencies including methods for aseptic technique, collecting and incubating cultures, and describing and identifying microbes. A vast array of media types, including TSA, nutrient broth, motility agar, and MRVP broths, are available to suit your course requirements. Designed to be executed safely and efficiently from a student’s home, our hands-on kits recreate a tactile lab experience in a distance setting environment.
Our microbiology lab kits can be customized to suit a variety of courses,  including those requiring non-virulent sterile microbe cultures and those utilizing environmentally collected samples. Both real and digital microscope experiences are available.

Want to get started? Dive into our curriculum with our Microbiology Lab Live Demo webinar!

Experience the Power
of the HOL Virtual Microscope

We are excited to offer the V-Scope as a standalone option for instructors who want to integrate it into existing, non-HOL course content. The HOL V-Scope is an advanced digital microscope program that simulates the use of a compound light microscope and includes a library of over 80 fully interactive slides ranging from bacteria to fruit flies to skeletal muscle. Available with or without our custom lesson authoring feature for full Cloud access.

Microbiology Experiment Library