GOB CHEMISTRY Lab Kits and Online Lab Curriculum

What is GOB Chemistry?

This course is designed for non-chemistry majors, particularly students majoring in health
sciences, to meet the requirements for pre-nursing and other allied health professions.
GOB Chemistry combines the fundamentals of general, organic, and biochemistry, offering more than 30 GOB chemistry lab kits containing interactive experiments that students can conduct in their own home. The standard course curriculum includes lessons on:
- Atoms, molecules, ions, molecular interactions, and chemical reactions
The chemistry of compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen
chemical structures
- The properties, nomenclature, reactivity, and synthesis of simple organic molecules
- Macromolecules, their three-dimensional structure, and roles in biochemical
Our GOB curriculum is structured as a one-semester survey course, or it can be taught over two
semesters. Instructors can also customize the pre-built curriculum and accompanying
GOB chemistry lab kits with alternative experiments to meet their specific needs.

GOB Chemistry Experiment Library