Hands-On Labs and the HOL Cloud Honored with 2020 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Hands-On Labs was recently announced as a winner of the 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. HOL was recognized in the Software category for the HOL Cloud, the only learning platform built by science instructors, for science instructors. Integrating seamlessly with existing learning management systems and providing educators with complete control over their digital classroom, the HOL Cloud offers a trusted solution for bringing lab science courses into the world of distance-learning.

For over four decades, the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence have recognized exceptional products and services within education technology. The Awards of Excellence celebrate products and services released or re-released over the last year, as well as their contribution to educators across the country.

Hands-On Labs wins the 2020 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

This year, the awards updated their categories to help educators identify the products that will solve the unique problems the industry faces as we near the Fall 2020 semester.

A panel of tech-savvy educators with first-hand experience of the industry evaluated a variety of nominated products and services and selected those that improve the way educators work and students learn. Products were evaluated on the following:

    • Uniqueness in Market
    • Helps Schools Ability to Solve a Problem
    • Price value
    • Suitability for use

“For over 40 years, Tech & Learning has reported on how edtech products are improving teaching and learning — and this has never been more important than during this unprecedented time,” said Tech & Learning Publisher and Content Director Christine Weiser. “For this year’s contest, our judges looked for stand-out products that are helping schools navigate these challenges by solving problems and driving innovation.”

Ready to learn more about the HOL Cloud? Request a free instructor demo here!

Science Interactive Group Partners with BioDigital to Offer Virtual
Dissections for Distance-Learning
STEM Students in Higher Ed

SIG to add the BioDigital Human Platform to its suite of digital learning tools for online lab science students

Science Interactive Group (SIG) and BioDigital, Inc., two companies at the forefront of the education technology industry, have partnered to provide students and educators with more flexibility in the distance learning space. SIG, which is the parent company of Hands-On Labs, will embed the BioDigital Human Platform into its lab experiments, allowing online lab science students the option to perform virtual dissections that are supported by custom curriculum.

“Partnering with BioDigital enables SIG to offer the option of virtual dissections to our customer base. We believe strongly in offering instructors the benefit of choice when selecting the labs that support their curriculum,” said Tim Loomer, CEO of SIG.

a logo for science interactive group

The industry leader in distance learning content, lab materials, and education software for higher education institutions, SIG oversees two major providers of online lab science experiments and curricula, Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs. By combining customizable physical lab kits with digital learning tools and a cloud-based educational platform, SIG replicates the tactile lab experience for distance learners, expanding access to STEM education.

BioDigital, whose flagship app has more than four million registered users, provides the world’s first 3D human visualization platform. Likened to Google Earth for the human body, the BioDigital Human Platform is an interactive software featuring more than 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures. Each system is fully segmented, labeled and dissectible for easy configuration to meet any educational need, and the platform uses innovative, cloud-based technology to enable users to view human anatomy and disease in an intuitive visual format. Featuring the most complete, scientifically accurate 3D body ever assembled, BioDigital is utilized by top medical schools and students from over 3000 schools.

By collaborating with BioDigital, SIG is further diversifying its selection of digital learning tools to meet the needs of its expanding market. The ability to choose between physical and virtual dissections in an online course empowers Anatomy and Physiology educators to tailor the distance-learning experience in new ways without sacrificing learning objectives.

BioDigital CEO Frank Sculli noted, “With the acceleration to at-home learning, partnering with a forward-thinking organization such as Science Interactive Group that can rapidly integrate our virtual body software to provide thousands of students a richer, more engaging learning experience is an exciting step towards fulfilling our mission of making health and human body more understandable to all people.”

Originally published on Business Wire

About Science Interactive Group

Science Interactive Group encompasses multiple brands — including Hands-On Labs, eScience Labs, StarLab, Science First, and Wildco — that provide science education solutions to higher education institutions, K­-12 institutions, museums, libraries, laboratories, and distributors worldwide. Science Interactive Group’s vast assortment of innovative, science-oriented products is designed to provide instructors with interactive, real-world applications that engage students and enhance outcomes.

Teacher Appreciation Week: A Heartfelt Thank You To Those Who Teach


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Throughout the month of March, schools all around the world closed their doors. And as that happened, as students returned home wondering about the future of their education, teachers everywhere did exactly what teachers do. You got to work. You adapted. You thought to yourselves, how can I keep inspiring and educating my students? How can I keep meeting all of my students’ individual needs?

This came as no surprise. We know how tenacious teachers are in the face of adversity, how committed you are to your students. We know that as powerful as the HOL solution is, it doesn’t work without talented, compassionate educators at the helm. As we’ve said before, HOL provides a set of tools, but instructors are the ones wielding those tools and affecting meaningful change. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Teacher Appreciation Week comes at a pretty fitting time this year. We’ve all watched as educators around the world rose to this challenge, and many parents who are now tasked with homeschooling their kids have developed a newfound appreciation for what teachers do every day.

So, before you get back to tomorrow’s lesson plan, we’d just like to say thank you for all that you do. None of us would be here without you.



COVID-19: Hands-On Labs
Helps Higher Ed Institutions
Shift Labs Online

As the coronavirus continues to spread like wildfire around the globe, higher educational institutions have faced the difficult task of shifting their courses to remote learning quickly and efficiently. COVID-19-related campus closures have posed a particular problem for lab science instructors, who now have to coordinate their instruction without access to higher-ed lab facilities. During this time of crisis, Hands-On Labs has emerged as an industry leader, guiding hundreds of new schools as they transition their students and faculty into a remote-learning system. Click the link below to learn more about what HOL is doing to help these institutions take on this new challenge. 

A graphic of a red virus

EdSurge: COVID-19 Forces Science Labs Online and in Homes 


Hands-On Labs Wins
Education Innovation of the Year
at 2019-2020 Cloud Awards

Hands-On Labs has been declared the winner of the Education Innovation of the Year award this week in the international Cloud Computing Awards program, the Cloud Awards.

HOL won for its innovative and intuitive HOL Cloudan advanced e-learning platform specially designed to provide a tactile lab experience for distance learners. With powerful gradebook analytics and modern higher-ed pedagogy, the HOL Cloud is designed to help instructors easily facilitate their online lab science course. It offers a comprehensive library of pre-existing lessons, as well as a  custom-lesson authoring tool that allows educators to build their own course content. The HOL Cloud is an unparalleled e-learning platform that is redefining the laboratory learning landscape.

Cloud Award Logo for the Winner of the 2019-2020 Cloud Awards

Established in 2011, the Cloud Awards is an international program which recognizes and honors industry leaders, innovators, and organizational transformation in cloud computing. The awards are open to large, small, established, and start-up organizations from across the entire globe, with an aim to find and celebrate the pioneers who will shape the future of the Cloud as we move into 2020 and beyond.

Categories for the 2019-20 awards include “Security Innovation of the Year,” “Best Software as a Service,” and “Most Promising Start-Up.”

“Hands-On Labs is a deserving winner in this year’s Cloud Awards program, not merely showing a dedication and commitment to excellence, but one fueled by an unmatched passion for innovation,” said James Williams, Head of Operations for the awards. “Making the shortlist alone was a significant achievement, because remarkably, the standard still gets higher year-on-year. Judging is incredibly difficult, and with the addition of extra materials showcasing client successes and testimonials, it’s never been clearer to see how intelligent use of cloud technologies has made so much more possible in business.”

Hundreds of organizations entered the awards program, with entries coming from across the globe, covering the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. You can view the full shortlist here.

Science Interactive Group Partners With Odigia to Transform Distance Science Learning Through Open Educational Resources (OER)

Science Interactive Group (SIG), the parent company of Hands-On Labs, recently announced a partnership with Odigia, the leading learner engagement platform for higher education institutions. Odigia improves student engagement and empowers educators with an easy-to-use learning platform that includes a deep repository of customizable open educational resources (OER) content. This OER library offers instructors the tools, data, and flexibility needed to ensure students learn from the most relevant and engaging materials possible. Odigia provides a dynamic and personalized learning experience supported by both learner and content analytics, allowing deep insight into what is working best and how to help students succeed.

The new partnership will cover 10 disciplines and more than 1,100 ADA-compliant lab activities. By combining its lab kits and digital content with Odigia’s platform and comprehensive open educational resources library, HOL will continue to empower higher education institutions with highly engaging online science curricula and lab-grade materials. 

The partnership will be fully deployed and available to more than 900 SIG post-secondary institutions by the fall semester of 2020, though many resources will be available beforehand. 

Be The First To Teach GOB Chemistry Labs Completely Online!

General, organic, and biochemistry is a new chemistry discipline that has been gaining quick popularity. As the leading provider of distance lab kits, we had to jump on this new exciting adventure. Since distance and online education is growing every year, we want to ensure that the right products are out there for educators to complete their mission. GOB chemistry is a discipline that is specifically modeled for students that are non-chemistry majors, and that is exactly what we had in mind when forming our kits.

While we still offer our chemistry kits, the GOB chemistry kits specifically teach this target audience, with an emphasis on students majoring in health sciences. We have changed our chemistry curriculum and language around to be perfect for a one or two semester course for students that are not STEM oriented and don’t need to get into the “nitty gritty” of chemistry.

With 32 unique lab lessons offered, GOB students will learn about:

  • Performing measurements using a graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, and other instruments.
  • How molecules are modeled with Lewis Dot Structures and VSEPR models.
  • How ionic and molecular compounds are named.
  • Concepts surrounding the mole.
  • The classification of alcohols and other properties.
  • And much more!

We are incredibly excited about this new kit and curriculum for chemistry professors and instructors!

Our Holiday Charity Drive!

The holidays are a time for cheer, joy, and giving. Here at the Hands-On Labs office we want to share that spirit with our community, which is the Denver metropolitan area. That is why our product marketer, Kacy Bill, set up our office’s charity drive! Actually, she sets up this charity drive every year!

“I try to pick charitable organizations that are either in our community, or an organization that someone in the office is passionate about,” Kacy explained. “This year we are supporting GOOD Bags, the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, and the Parker Task Force.”

The office was divided into four separate teams that competed to bring in the most materials/donations for these three organizations. There was no official prize for winning this competition, but the office is quite competitive when it comes to these things so no prize was really needed. Lanier Lopez, a customer support representative and leader of the winning team, had the following to say:

“I have been very fortunate in my life that I have never had to ask anyone for anything. I have always been able to provide for myself and family. There are too many people in our country that are not as fortunate and need assistance. In the end, the basic human needs for anyone can be as simple as getting a good shower or being able to brush your teeth.”

Overall, our charity drive this year was a huge success!

HOL Receives the McKinney Award for Outstanding Volunteer Group – Presented By The Tennyson Center For Children.

At Hands-On Labs, our community is at the center of everything that we do. Throughout the year we partner with different local institutions to engage and give back. One organization that we have become very fond of is the Tennyson Center for Children. The Tennyson Center for Children is an organization that empowers children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma to bravely and safely change their life’s story.


20160310_172715_resizedHands-On Labs was honored with the opportunity to host multiple events at the Tennyson Center including an ice-cream social, Santa shop, taco night, game night, and many more. Our employee volunteers immediately fell in love with the children. As our CEO puts it “This may be one of those situations that we get credit for making a difference when perhaps they are the ones making a difference in our lives. ”


Naomi TennysonOn Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 Hands-On Labs was awarded Outstanding Volunteer Group of the year at an appreciation brunch. This honor would not have been possible without all the coordination and extra effort that one of our rockstar employees put into it: Naomi Lowell. Naomi went above and beyond, taking it upon herself to make sure every event ran smoothly. She spent untold hours coordinating and making things at night and on the weekends. Hands-On Labs is extremely proud to have Naomi Lowell on our team!


In Naomi’s words “Volunteering at the Tennyson Center has been an incredible experience for me, it feels good to do good!  The HOL family is honored to receive the McKinney Award.”


For more information and to learn how you too can get involved with the Tennyson Center please visit their website: www.tennysoncenter.org.

Naomi Lowell Receiving McKinney award on behalf of Hands-On Labs

Hands-On Learning Unveils Revolutionary Educational Software

Introducing HOLcloud, the first web-enabled educational platform designed to reduce instructors’ workload while increasing the effectiveness of instruction. HOLcloud offers interactive educational content, full web ADA compliance, and seamless collaboration between a school’s Learning Management System (LMS), students, professors, and course content.



HOLcloud is the only interactive digital courseware that is ADA compliant and that fully integrates with your existing LMS.

Hands-On Learning today introduced HOLcloud, the first web-enabled educational platform designed to reduce instructors’ workload while increasing the effectiveness of instruction. HOLcloud offers interactive educational content, full web ADA compliance, and seamless collaboration between a school’s Learning Management System (LMS), students, professors, and content using LMS Connect. HOLcloud gives instructors’ access to the modern tools required to easily, intuitively, and effortlessly provide the best online educational experience to their students. HOLcloud comes with instructor selectable features such as a student dashboard, analytic tools, automatic grading, single sign-on, interactive assessments, and many other unique tools that will reduce the educator’s time spent on non-teaching activities. HOLcloud and all of its features are available now for classes starting in January 2017.

“HOL is changing the way online education is conceived, consumed and taught throughout the world,” said Kevin Melendy, CEO. “HOLcloud allows an entirely new way of delivering content online in a more conducive, intuitive, and engaging way than ever before. This is the first educational tool ever developed to facilitate the instructors’ experience. We are proud to offer a platform that gives educators the greatest possible gift: time. With these tools readily available, instructors can now spend their time conducting their class versus getting bogged down with mundane and repetitive tasks.”

HOLcloud utilizes a simple, user-friendly interface that allows instructors and students to easily access and navigate the content. HOLcloud’ s multitude of features such as auto grading reduce instructor time spent on busy work so they can better facilitate their course. Built-in analytical tools help instructors to easily offer early intervention when remediation is needed. Authoring capabilities will give instructors control over the content. Built-in videos and interactive assessments promote student engagement and consequently increase retention.

HOLcloud complements all Hands-On Labs’ products to provide an all-in-one solution. Hands-On Labs has been providing the most advanced laboratory kits for distance learning in higher education for over 20 years. With the introduction of HOLcloud, institutions all over the world are going to be able to use Hands-On Labs content with ease of delivery and instruction. HOLcloud allows instructors to teach and students to learn anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

The HOLcloud platform has been designed with all institutional needs in mind. It is the only interactive digital learning platform that provides WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. HOLcloud allows institutions to utilize Hands-On Labs content in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Federal Regulations.

To learn more about HOLcloud and to schedule a demo please visit https://www.holscience.com/HOLcloud.

Hands-On Learning is the world leader in science distance learning. HOL pioneered the way education is conceived and delivered around the world, regardless of location, time zone, or device. Hands-On Labs is a division of Hands-On Learning and produces online science lab kits that include modern pedagogy, cloud-based learning platforms, and hands-on lab experiments that mirror the classroom laboratory. HOLcloud provides the interactive, cloud-based platform needed to deliver this content, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.