Hands-On Labs

Hands-On Labs (HOL) is the world leader in science distance learning. HOL pioneered the way education is conceived and delivered around the world, regardless of location, time zone, or language.

We don’t just create products. We create a comprehensive learning process. Our cutting-edge lab kits are self-contained learning portals that allow instructors and students to collaborate anytime, anywhere.


HOL was founded in 1994 by Linda and Peter Jeschofnig, recognized industry leaders in distance science education. In 1994, Linda assisted her husband, a chemistry professor at Colorado Mountain College (CMC), with developing a chemistry kit that allowed his students to independently perform traditional laboratory experiments off campus. In response to the distance education needs of CMC and other local colleges, the Jeschofnigs created a small business producing chemistry kits and literally ran the initial operations from a garage. Today, HOL provides more than 700 experiments in 9 different science disciplines.

In 2007, Peter founded the Institute for Excellence in Distance Science Education (IEDSE), a non-profit science education foundation with a mission to promote science literacy in conjunction with today’s distance education delivery methods.